Tierra Hotels Chile!

Tierra Hotels is a family of boutique lodges set in the remote destinations in Chile. Inspired by nature and outdoors, each hotel offer their guests an experience!
By experience, we mean, these hotels are not the normal type of accommodation that will provide you only with overnight stays, they will go beyond and offer you accommodation, excursions and luxurious services.

Chile is located between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, with a maximum width of 44 Km, but occupying a strip that goes along the coast for 4,300 Km. For a lot of people, Chile is only a spot on the map, but the country is full of scenarios that will make travelers fall in love with its’ lands. From the driest desert of the world in the North, passing by big cities, the lake districts, until you arrive into the cold lands of the glaciers and fjords in the South – Chile has it all!   

Tierra Hotels & Latino Holidays are promoting the destination, packages of 10 days available with stays in the Atacama Desert, Chiloe, Patagonia and Santiago from $6,420 per person. Read More…

Want to to see more of the Tierra Hotels and the destinations? Watch the videos below:

Tierra Atacama:  

Tierra Patagonia:  

Tierra Chiloe:  
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