Chile – Welcome to a land of extremes!

Chile is a land of extremes! Squeezed between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the country has a maximum width of 44 Km and consists on an unique thin 4,300 Km long coastal stripe.  that deserves more than a visit, with a geography of extremes, the tourists landing in the country will visit one of the most scenic routes of South America.


Chile is the longest country in the World, has in its territory the driest desert in the world, and one of  the most beautiful places in the world – Torres del Paine National Park. The diverse landscape of the country, probably providing you with one of the most scenic routes of South America, will make you fall in love with the place!
Options to travel in Chile are numerous – visit the  driest desert in the world, and experience a land that will make you think you are landing in Mars; sail through the lakes in the South of the country; visit the glaciars; or even take an additional flight to visit a Chilean territory, that is half way of French Polynesia, to discover the mysteries of Easter Island.

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